Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's true...

The hardest part in anything

Well, I really am not certain as to what to babble on my very first post. But then again there's this thing called "INSPIRATION". And I'd like to dedicate this entry to my dear friend (and former colleague), Anton, who recently celebrated his 28th birthday.

Here's a photo taken during Anton's birthday celebration with other friends:
from left: me, gleiza, anton, mai, daisy, cris, cyril)

At the same party, Anton iterated that i should start writing a blog. I recently bought a canon digicam and for him it's a step to being a blogger. Well, I haven't really seen things that way, but I guess there's really no better way to keep both pictures and memories together in one secure chronicle.

Like a 4th generation ipod,
I suddenly shifted to the next song at a shake.

Thanks Anton for fanning the flame of that blogger in me!

Cheers to a more entertaining pool of posts!!!
Cheers to 2009!!!


  1. ayan---I am so happy. another friend is now a blogger. you will enjoy this I am least ngayon me online diary kana....

    ...sabi nga ni Alex. It's very therapeutic. welcome to the blogosphere Sca.

    added na kita blog list ko and I will tell Alex too....yehey!!!!