Sunday, January 25, 2009

NOODLE DOODLE: Savoring Taipan

They say eating noodles makes you live longer...
or maybe that's just a traditional pinoy belief.

Whether it's true or not,
i have found myself grabbing
this bowl of stir fried noodles
at least once a week.


I honestly am not sure.

I've never really been a noodle-person but when my colleagues brought me along one midnight after work, I started loving it.. and liking it a little more each time.

Below is a photo of a regular bowl of taipan noodle with siomai toppings:

For the sauce, you are given plenty of choices particularly oyster sauce, sweet and sour, chilli (which is really hot i must say), soy sauce, peanut paste, and of course their very own taipan sauce. It takes a while before you get the ratio of sauce that suits your taste but as for me and some friends, a little bit of everything works fine.

I still am not sure what makes it simply delectable.

Maybe the crunchy sprouts.

Maybe the taipan sauce.

Maybe the strong chilli taste.

Or maybe it's just the friendship that grows with every bite.

(Gleiza and Mai-mai satisfying their cravings. Hehe)

When you have a chance, do grab a bite. They have several stores but we always drop by the one alongside St. Francis.

Don't fail to bring a friend or two with you.
Remember, it may not be the noodles but the friendship. ;D


  1. ... and now i'm craving for noodles!

    i'm a big fan

  2. haha--noodles pala ang trip ha---sowi dime nakasama sa eastwood last friday night-----sayang---don pamandin gusto ko place na gimikan talaga---mag-cafe Lupe nga us minsan sa Antipolo---keke

  3. ganun ba yun? :) noodles ang trip ko lagi eh. :)

  4. Wow. Di ako marunong gumamit ng chopsticks. kainggit. haha.

    Nice blog. This is my first time here. Good day.